Alone in the Bus

Alone In The Bus - Talks From The World
Alone In The Bus - Talks From The World

It was a dark and stormy night, and Jane was the only passenger on the bus as it wound its way through the deserted countryside. She huddled in her seat, trying to ignore the howling wind and rain pelting the windows.

Suddenly, the bus hit a pothole and came to a jarring stop. The lights flickered and then went out completely, leaving Jane in complete darkness. She heard the driver curse and mutter something about a flat tire before getting off the bus.

Jane was paralyzed with fear. She was completely alone and the wind was starting to pick up. She heard strange noises outside the bus, and she couldn’t shake the feeling that something was lurking just beyond the windows. She pulled her jacket tighter around her and closed her eyes, trying to calm herself.

Just then, she heard a soft tapping on the glass. She cautiously opened her eyes and peered into the darkness. To her horror, she saw a figure standing outside the window, its features obscured by the rain. She screamed, but the figure just stood there, tapping on the glass.

Jane tried to call out to the driver, but he was nowhere in sight. She felt trapped and helpless, with no escape from the figure outside the window. She closed her eyes again, willing herself to stay calm. When she opened them a few moments later, the figure was gone.

The driver returned to the bus, and the lights flickered back on. He grumbled about the flat tire and the storm, but Jane was too shaken to respond. She just sat there, staring out the window, as the bus finally pulled back onto the road and continued its journey.

She arrived at her destination, but she would never forget that night on the bus. The experience had left a deep impression on her, and she would always wonder about the figure she saw in the storm. Was it just her imagination playing tricks on her, or was it something far more sinister? She would never know for sure, but she would never forget that feeling of being completely alone and vulnerable, with only the darkness and the rain for company.

The End.