Google Banned Famous Crypto Trading Apps From The Play Store

Google Banned Famous Crypto Trading Apps From The Play Store
Google Banned Famous Crypto Trading Apps From The Play Store

As we already know that cryptocurrency is in the hype and lots of young individuals and new investors are investing capital in cryptocurrency and it is going to be a long rage. Therefore, taking this strict action, Google has banned 11 fake crypto trading and mining apps from the Play Store.

The reason behind this is that most of the users have reported spam and got fraud from these apps on the Play Store. So, by updating its policies, Google has identified these dangerous apps that were luring innocent and newly unskilled users to become rich in less time.

Trend Micro Asks Google To Ban Fake Crypto Trading Apps

Finally, on the notice of IT security firm Trend Micro, Google has banned these apps from the Play Store, fooling users around the world.

Trend Micro uncovered on analysis and found that there are many malicious cryptocurrency trading apps on the Google play store that fooling their users to become rich by paying around $10 – $20 USD as a monthly subscription fee and start their mining operations.

Users were asked to pay extra to increase the capacity without really getting anything in return. Trend Micro asked Google to take down these malicious Bitcoin trading applications from the play store.

Fake Crypto Trading Apps

There were a lot of fake crypto trading apps on the Google Play Store and below are some of the famous and popular ones. However, stay tuned as we keep updating this list of fake cryptocurrency apps for you.

  1. Bitcoin Miner
  2. Bitcoin (BTC)
  3. Crypto Holic
  4. Daily Bitcoin Rewards
  5. Bitcoin 2021
  6. MineBit Pro
  7. Ethereum (ETH)

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